Slow Recovery

Yeah what is there left to say than that I feel old, oh so old. The real old ones probably scoffing at me now for complaining that much while only being 33 years old, but still I’m not the springy 18 year old anymore that doesn’t need to watch carefully what he does. I’ve noticed now that without care one breaks easily. My shins still hurt, apparently me being overweight isn’t helping with the bones restoring itself. If I stand, walk, or do whatever I do using my legs, the force applied on my shins are just a tad too much. I’m hurting now like I ran a mile or two, while yesterday I just walked and stood a lot.

Having a day job I can’t allow myself too much bed time in bed. The only thing possible right now to recuperate is to ease down, walk less, and loose weight. By the way it isn’t like the pain is excruciating, it is just noticable enough to prove the point I’m not recovered yet. I still can’t run and it’s getting to me.

My main target now is to loose about 16kg that I’m overweight. I’ll be eating healthier and regulating my sugar intake. No more sweets, or soft drinks for me. I’ll try replacing the sweets with nuts and the soft drinks with water. I’ll also try to reduce my coffee intake, no more ten cups a coffee a day, I’ll try keep it at three. I hope to loose 5kg in a month time.

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I turned into Injury Man.

I’ve had a terrible case of superhero reversal, instead of suddenly gaining powers I’ve been gaining weaknesses. I call myself injury man. Now a days the feeble look at me and I break something. When I arm wrestle a child they’ll win breaking my pinky. If a bird drop its poo on me, I’ll be crushed by its weight. I’m so very screwed. I injured myself again, running is apparently killing, or it is that winter is my kryptonite, weakening me skeletal structure to a very brittle status.

I’ve not ran since my last training run on the 2de day of Christmas. All the booze and food I drank and ate weighted me so down that with every step I made I put so much force on my shins that I injured them. First I thought it were my muscles aching, but on the second day I noticed the pain was not subsiding. It was not so much pain when standing or laying down in bed, but when touched. I noticed it was really bad when my wife rolling over me to get off the sofa and she brushed my shin. The pain was excruciating.

I did my research online, while already having an idea what it might be, and I’ve proven myself right. I fit the symptoms of having shin splints and the stress fracture variety. The only way to heal this is to rest, and rest is something I suck at. There will be no running these coming weeks and I might not run the march run I had scheduled. I did my best at resting these last few days and I don’t feel that much pain anymore, but it still is there when I stress my legs a little by going up a stairs or walking fast, like for example to flee from the rain. (raining a lot lately) At touch it doesn’t hurt all over anymore, only at certain specific spots (fracture area?) and only a little.

To help myself heal, I take and extra dosage of 1 mg of vitamin C and thinking about buying separate calcium and phosphorus supplements to add to my intake of multivitamins. In 4 weeks time I hope to restart a semblance of training, I’ll start slow by just walking fast for ten or twenty minutes. I’ll only run again when the pain is gone completely. I also plan to lose my excess weight (16kg) so to not stress my bones more than necessary. I really need to slowly build my body as to strengthen it against the stress of running. I already believed myself having a slow training program, but I must still be in the believe of being my 18 year old indestructible self. I think not having done any sports for almost 5 years now had taken its toll on my physique.

Did I go to a doctor? Or any healthcare related person with a broad medical knowledge? No I didn’t. I made my own diagnosis from comparing my own symptoms to the possible injuries I might have, hence I’m not 100% certain I have what I claim that I have, then again by basing yourself on know symptoms you can get pretty close to the truth of the condition. I could get certainty by going to a doctor, but I can live with the near perfect diagnosis I made myself. This is in experience based on of having gone to physicians many a times already (not only for myself) knowing what the problem is and hearing them come to the same conclusion. I would only go to a doctor if it goes beyond my ability to diagnose or it’s something that isn’t easily mended. Resting is not something you need a doctor for, because again in my experience going to one causes more stress and loss of time, and you won’t be resting. (They seem to have an obsessive need to be certain and understandably so.)

I’ll try give a weekly report about my healing endeavors. Maybe I should go see a witch doctor. 😉

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Training day 1 + 2 “Rainy days”

My left foot is healed and in top shape for me to run with. Saturday 24th December I took my left foot for a spin, to make sure everything was okay I took it easy. I decided to repeat day 1 week 1 of my training schedule, so I ran ten sets of 1 minute running, alternating with ten sets of 1 minute walking. It went better than the previous time, I kept my pace better, and I felt less winded like a one hundred year old man going outside to get his morning paper. (just barely)

On my previous run I ran the distance of 2.42KM at a general speed of 7.2km/h in 20 minutes. This time around  I ran the distance of 2.8KM at a speed of 8.4km/h in 20 minutes. A small improvement, however showing that a little training does benefit for the longer term. I couldn’t train for two weeks. I wonder how well I would be doing had I not gotten injured.

Today 26th December I woke up with my muscle aching, but decided despite that to start with day 2 of week 1 of my schedule.  My wife got dressed wanting to run along, and  while waiting for her to get dressed up I warmed myself up. All warmed up and ready to go we went outside in the rain. My wife shook her head and fled back inside, I called after her to get my jacket. I was pent on running today and by God I would, and by my damnation I did.

I would run 2 minutes followed by 4 minutes walking and 5 sets of this. The training would have lasted 30 minutes and I expected to run 5km in total. However it rained, and rain sucks if you want to run, especially cold rain. I could deal with the rain because I had a thick enough jacket, but together with my muscles complaining with each step and my shins burning like hell, it was difficult. I start feeling my right foot started hurting, so I decided to call it a day. (I sure do not need another 2 weeks of down time)

I ran in 12 minutes a distance of 1.44km at an average speed of 7.2km/h. Not my best, but I’m glad I ran despite the aches and rain, like I said before a little bit of training is better than none.

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Merry Christmas

It’s the 25th of December, and it’s Christmas, the annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. We spend the days before shopping, cooking, sending cards, etc etc, all in preparation for the festivities. Many go to church on the eve of the 25th or on the day itself, and for many it’s the first and last day they go to church this year.

Before I get lost in rambling on and on I want to wish you all a merry Christmas, may you have a nice day with your families and if you happen to be one of those alone on this day, don’t despair, because your own company is also a fine thing to have, you can ponder about life, or read my other blog, or one of my many e-books 😀

I won’t be running today, I’ll be resting and gorging up on food and pouring down the booze. I know it’s bad for my training, but what the heck it’s just for once, if the viking the warriors supreme in their time did eat their bellies full and drank themselves in a stupor and went to battle and did pretty well for being wasted, so can I.

Tomorrow I’ll be running again, getting rid of the added weight gained today.

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In between training

While nursing my foot I’m grounded from training. Don’t despair (as if you would) my walking is returning to the state before injury, so like I predicted I’ll be training coming Saturday.  Knocking on wood, that is if I don’t stomp my little toe against something hard.

To keep my mind occupied from not being able to run I looked for something to do that will benefit my general health and by doing so my future running career. I’ve decided to restart doing pushups while following a one hundred pushup program. In six weeks I’m supposed to be able to do 100 pushups. Right now I can do about 35 consecutive pushups, which is average for a male my age.  According to this program I could start in week 3, but I decided to not be that optimistic and start at the beginning, week 1. (Not overexerting myself again.)

This morning I did the first day in the program, 5 sets; first one a repetition of 12 pushups, following by one of 12, 7, 7, and 9. It was tough, I felt the effort in my arms and chest and I believe tomorrow I’ll have a healthy muscle ache. (NO injuries this time!) I can recommend this program to anybody, especially if your weak in the upper body. I’ve done it before, but didn’t reach the 100 pushups, I managed till 50. This program is not a guarantee to reach 100 pushup, unless you train diligently and with correct form. At that time I didn’t know how to do a proper pushup, but now I do. If all goes well I’ll be able to do the 100 pushups by the time I can run the 5km in one smooth go at my full cruising speed. (sprinting the whole 5km will come much later.)

For some proper instructions how to do a correct pushup watch this clip.

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Injury “Nothing to see, nothing to see here, please walk on.”

I didn’t run today, nor did I yesterday, or for the matter any day after I hurt my left foot last Saturday. Did I go to a doctor to fix it? No, I don’t do the doctor thing. I’m the stubborn kind of guy who when taken an arrow to the knee will tell the bystanders pointing at said arrow sticking out of his knee that it’s nothing, just a scratch.  However I’m also the kind of guy that will not overexert himself when damaged, I know that a week or two of rest will fix whatever is wrong, if after two weeks rest (and if really stubborn a month or two) I’m still in pain then I go to the doctor.

Lucky me, or better said unlucky lucky me, the pain subsided. I still have to rest some to be sure I’m repaired enough to be able to run again, so I take it easy by doing a lot of sitting, reading, and trying to walk or stand as least possible.  I’m advising anybody reading this, don’t take my health advise on this or my example seriously. The way my body heals is the way my body heals, it is not the way most people’s body heals. In my younger years I was near indestructible, damage received by reckless behavior got mended in matter of hours or a day, well minus that time I broke (actually someone did that for me) my nose, that took a week or two. I’m not that young anymore. At 33 years old I’ve to take more care of my body and allow it to recuperate longer. I’m not doing the falling down, jumping up, and walking away like nothing happened routine anymore. If I fall down, I will stay down wallowing my misery, crawling up using some support, and limping back while waving my hands telling bystanders “Nothing to see, nothing to see here, please walk on.”

I plan to give my feet a week more rest and then I’ll restart my training schedule. It’s been a real misery wanting to run and not being able to and having to convince myself that I should not haste running again. I’ll have lost two weeks training time, but my first 5km run is in march and I think I’ve enough time left to train to an acceptable level. For now I’m glad my feet doesn’t hurt every single second anymore.

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Training Day 1

Yeah I did it, I had my first training run yesterday morning around 0530 and it felt great, the first minute that is. I did a 1 minute brisk walk, which became less brisk with each consecutive one, followed by a one minute run which I amazingly held the pace of each consecutive one, and did this ten times. Like I said before the first minute was great, I can walk great, I love to walk, I’m good at walking despite me often pretending I hate walking, I love walking. The first minute running felt okay, but at the end I got winded and doubt set in, the first half of my run the doubt stayed, but I pressed on. The last ten minutes I was sure I wouldn’t make it, but I kept saying to myself one more time, and before I knew it I made the full twenty minutes. It was great that I did it, but there was only the elation I finished, my body instead was screaming it was going to die and did a good job convincing me.

I used the site to plan a route and document my runs, it works great with a few quirks here and there. I ran the distance of 2.42KM at a general speed of 7.2km/h in 20 minutes. Not the best I’ve ever run, not that I know that for sure, I just like to know I can do better. Monday I’m supposed to run again and if my muscle/joint pain subsides I will, else I have to postpone with a day or two and change my training schedule accordingly. I found this schedule online searching for information about how to start running, I saw many different ones, but this one seemed to me the most reasonable one for my current fitness level which is at the moment non existent.(Can’t even dance 5 minutes)

The pain, the pain is excruciating, every little muscle I have not strained for the last 33 years of my life are now screaming obscenities at me for making them endure this. They are making a ruckus in my body and I should be bed ridden, but a man like me just can’t do that, I need to walk(Told you I love to walk) around and do things. They are unforgiving in letting me know how upset they are, sending their pain messages to my brain which in turn I try to ignore but failing to. I told my wife that today I will take it easy and just sit in front of my computer and write. Maybe I’ll finally finish writing some of my work in progress I’ve queued for a while now.

While writing this post and taking a break I read this article about muscle pain and sorness after exercise. From this article I take the pain I’m feeling is Delayed onset muscle soreness, I indeed felt the most prominent soreness and pain after a few hours after training and now it is still here with me, cozy and all, but it subsided now that I’m resting. I guess the safest thing to do is to delay my training till the pain fades away. Guess Monday is a no go unless I miraculously heal like Wolverine from the X-men does.

I guess I go rest now and write….

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A challenge born

I’m a writer, I write horror and science fiction stories and once for a slight second I once contemplated to write a romance story. To supplement my writing earning to a living standard I work a day job as a system administrator.

I love freedom, I love to be free and do whatever I fancy at the moment, however regrettable most of us (including me) are not free in doing so. Laws, rules, government, responsibilities, impairments, keeps us from this. However this is no reason not to be able to keep ones mind free, so I may be physically freedom impaired, my mind is free and running with all the limitless crazy ideas I can come up with. Sometimes one of my crazy ideas is possible to enact on without infringing on the chains that keeps us captive and doing so it will transverse from my mind into reality. (At least I try to make it so.)

One of these ideas gave birth to this blog. Some co-workers of mine decided they would run a half marathon and started training for it. They asked, urged, implored, begged for me to join them in training for this and I rejected that idea at first. I didn’t reject it immediately, I thought about it for some while(very short while), but running 21km is way too much for me. It isn’t that I can’t do it, I most certainly can because I’m awesome like that, but it’s too time consuming.

A few months passed and my co-workers are now struggling with their training, not in the running part but more in the getting to run part. I thought about the marathon races and decided to look online to the ones being held, lo and behold I see that there are more than just half and full marathons. They hold 5km, 10km, and many more races, and the 5km race got me thinking, that I could manage that.

I searched for more information on running in general and running the 5km and it got me excited. I emailed my wife asking her if she wanted to start running together with me and to my surprise she answered positive.  I researched how to start training, the times 5km are run, the world-records, what shoes to wear, training, etc, etc… I became obsessed and still am obsessed with running the 5km. I think doing it would be a great thing for me. I may now finally get my belly under control, and be able to dance for more than five minutes. Who knows it may even help my stamina in some other more nocturnal activities.

Looking at the men outdoor world record for 5km:

5000 m Progression 12:37.35 Kenenisa Bekele  Ethiopia 31 May 2004 Fanny Blankers-Koen Games Netherlands Hengelo, Netherlands

I thought if some pro can run well below 13 minutes then I sure can run it in 15 minutes. I told my co-workers I would also start running. They got excited about the 21km and asked when I started training and again I had to disappoint them in me not wanting to run 21km and said instead I would do the 5km. Them being lazy (I didn’t really call them that, but they are lazy) I told them to join me instead in running the 5km, they foolhardily stuck to their plans. (I’m sure to get flack from them for writing this.)

Next I proclaimed that not only would I run the 5km, but that I would do so in 15 minutes. The big eyes looking at me said it all, and they calling me crazy confirmed it. (I’m sure most of you reading this also do so.) Impossible was what they said next. You can’t do that. And then with the crazy again. (And maybe I am.) Well I said I would do it and can do it and will do it and sure I may fail, but I will not fail by not trying. This moment of insanity borne the dedication in me to try my best in doing so and stick to it.

I started this blog to document this challenge I put on myself. I’ll review my strategy, my tactics, my progress, my everything pertaining to the challenge and running in general.

Will I turn out a fool or will I be proven right? We’ll see, we’ll see.

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